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3 ideas for your wedding pictures

We all want the most beautiful pictures of this unique day in order to remember it for the rest of our days. That’s why we are here to propose 3 ideas to capture this magic moment.

1. Your initials for a photoshoot

You want to avoid boring couple pictures? Why don’t you go for big luminous letters with your initials. An easy way to customize your pictures. If the weather is great, you can make outside pictures where our wood of Akoumé fits perfectly with the different shades of green. Or if you want to take pictures inside, the LED lights offers a warm lightening that will give a feeling of warmth in your pictures.

2. A LOVE for a photoshoot with your guests

A wedding celebration is nothing without your precious guests. Take pictures with them with a beautiful LOVE sign as background. Whether you have a big family or wants to take a selfie, the letters will be well visible with their 1m20 of height. A LOVE that embellish your evening and works as a great activity for your friends and family.

3. The symbol of love: <3

Do you prefer simplicity? Then go for a heart in okoumé wood. It will be the epicenter of your pictures and will make sure that your pictures are effortless symmetrical. If you want, you can upgrade your <3 by adding your initials. That way, your initials will be linked with a heart instead of a “&”, which better symbolize the loving between both of you.

4. Bonus: Photobooth with Cheeesebox

A photobooth with Cheeesebox equals high quality pictures, a nice activity and a nice giveaway for each guest. Give your guests the opportunity to go home directly with a memory of your union. Customize the frame of the pictures to your liking. Use accessories to make your pictures more fun and amusing.


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