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3 tips for beautiful wedding pictures

1. Find the right photographer

Price shouldn't’t be the only criteria to choose your photographer. Ask for portfolio’s, that way you could see if their styles fits with what you are looking for. Don’t stop searching until you find the one who totally fits with you!

2. A good lightening

Finding a good photographer is one thing, having a good lightening is another. If you can make pictures outside, you have the benefit of having natural lightening. But if the weather isn’t good, you need to have a plan B. Our big luminous letters will give you the lightening that you need to make your pictures shine bright.

3. A nice background

A beautiful background is half of the work. Choosing for a LOVE as background is an easy way to make your pictures more stylish.

4. Bonus: Pinterest

Do you need inspiration? Check out our Pinterest to see how other braids have used our letters to decorate their wedding. Some used it as interior decoration, others for fotoshoot or even in the hall way to welcome guests.


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