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What would you say to enchant the day of your wedding by decorating the place with beautiful bright letters? The warm and luminous atmosphere that will emerge from your reception room will brighten up your guests. Giant luminous letters are more than just a decoration, but the decor of your union and the first words of a long and beautiful story.


Next to the tables of your reception, the word LOVE, your first names or your initials, only your imagination limits you to write the word you want with giant bright letters. Decorate your garden, next to a tent where a buffet stands or at the back of your dance floor, to illuminate your wedding in a personalized way.

FL - C&L.jpg
Flashletters - LOVE Cercle de Lorraine c

Corporate event


Your company meets, a crowd of employees stands in front of you. With our giant bright letters, you'll be one step ahead to intrigue and captivate your audience. Use our letters to inscribe your objectives in the minds of your employees and convey your ideas to them: Agenda, company name, slogan, annual objective,...

Thanks to our giant bright letters, we offer you to embellish your room and create with you an original atmosphere for your corporate event. The name of your company on metal structures to energize a scene? The number of years the company has been in business? Its creation date? You can arrange them at the entrance of a hall or in a room to create an attraction that will captivate your employees.

Flashletters - Partenamut 12.jpg
Flashletters - Monaco 03.jpg



Looking for an original decoration for your birthday? Our luminous letters as garden decoration or to embellish the outside or the entrance of your room will certainly please your guests! Write your first name, the theme of your evening, your year of birth, your age,...

Our giant bright wooden letters have been varnished so that you can display them outside even in rainy weather. You only need 2 or 3 bright letters to create a nice personalized decoration. 

Flashletters - TIFF 03.jpg
Flashletters - 50 02.jpg



Fashion shows, concerts, theatres... 

To energize your stage or your podium, we offer you our giant bright letters. They will certainly give a chic effect and offer superb shades to highlight your creations. At the bottom of your stage to break the depth and give relief, on a metal structure to give height. Incorporate the bright letters you want and where you want!

FL-20-Cercle de Lorraine-010.jpg

Exhibition and trade fair

Salon & foire

Attract more people to your booth by using bright letters to draw the attention of your visitors. Choose the letters you want, organise them like you want to maximise your space.

You could hang you company's name in bright letters over your booth. Or you could instal the giant bright letters WELCOME in front of your booth to welcome prospects. tirez plus de monde sur votre stand en utilisant des lettres lumineuses pour attirer l'attention des visiteurs. 

Flashletters - Batibouw 03.jpg
FL - Lovendegem 03.JPG
Décoraton d'intérieur

Interior decoration

Illuminate your decor by placing our letters in your home.

The letters are a modern decoration and can be arranged both inside and outside. Little plus :  they will make any room warm thanks to their LED bulbs in hot light.

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