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FLASHLETTERS c'est avant tout une aventure humaine

Flashletters est née de la rencontre entre trois jeunes entrepreneurs passionnés par le milieu événementiel, le design et le travail du bois. Riche de quelques années d'expériences et persuadés que l’événementiel est en constante demande de toujours plus de "personnalisation" ils ont décidé d’offrir la possibilité à tout organisateur d’événements de louer le temps d'une soirée (ou plus si affinité) sa propre enseigne lumineuse personnalisée.


The team

FLASHLETTERS is above all a human adventure

Flashletters was born from the meeting between three young entrepreneurs with a passion for events, design and woodworking. Rich of some years of experience and convinced that the event sector is in constant demand of always more "personalization" they decided to offer the possibility to any organizer of events to rent the time of an evening (or more if affinity) its own personalized bright sign.


FL - équipe

37-year-old father and Ihecs graduate, Amoz is a passionate handyman. But it is also a Swiss army knife that knows a lot about computers, electronics and graphics. Every day he (re)invents new products. Like MacGyver, he always finds the solution, especially in the stress of an event.


FL - équipe

Charles - enthusiastic Business Developer - is a graduate in Management Science from ULB. Passionate about entrepreneurship and the startup environment, he guarantees Flashletters' strategy, vision and growth.


FL - équipe

Ferdinand - optimistic salesman - is a graduate bio-engineer from UCL and loves wood. He worked there for 7 years for a Luxembourg investment fund.

Dynamic and creative, he is constantly looking for customer satisfaction.

Flashletters expanding!


We are actively seeking partners in France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Whether for private or private events, for decoration or even brand activation, our letters are the reference on the Belgian territory. As a result, we are seeing an increase in quote requests outside the country. That's the reason why we want to develop ourselves in order to benefit our partners from this growth.

The partnership brings a lot of advantages, do not hesitate to contact us if you work in the event, decoration or wedding industry!

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